About Event

Putting a spotlight on identifying the right tool to establish therapeutic efficacy, leveraging real-world data to monitor cognitive performance, and enhancing patient engagement in decentralized trials, the Digital Biomarkers & Clinical Measures in Neurology Summit is uniquely positioned to provide strategic insight into developing and validating sensitive outcome measures in neurological clinical trials. Hear from industry experts leveraging telemedicine to facilitate data collection, establish trust in data sharing, and advance understanding of datasets with deep machine learning and algorithm development to streamline clinical research.

Unmissable Highlights for 2022:

  • Delineate a robust clinical evidence framework to move the needle on regulatory discussions to validate digital biomarkers with Sanofi and Merck to align on regulatory expectations
  • Employ speech-based digital biomarkers with Janssen and the University of Melbourne to examine principles behind speech analysis and characterize pre-symptomatic cases of genetically inherited disorders
  • Tackle lack of trust in digital technologies and understand how to reduce the patient burden with Takeda and Ipsen to improve patient compliance and retention in clinical trials
  • Leverage real-world data from consumer devices with Novartis and GSK to monitor disease state and aid diagnosis with sensitive biomarkers
  • Operationalize digital biomarkers in clinical trials and evaluate the latest trial data with Eli Lilly & Company and Massachusetts General Hospital to drive progress in developing and validating a digital indicator of efficacy and disease progression