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Altoida is pioneering precision neurology diagnostics to set a new gold standard for patient care. Our innovative AI-driven approach combines novel digital biomarkers with immersive augmented reality to evaluate cognition. The result is our validated device and evidence-based platform with more than 20 years of scientific research. Our products are backed by peer-reviewed publications and multinational clinical trials, and are built by our expert team of scientists, clinicians and engineers.



Expertise Partner

VivoSense, Inc., is an agile end-to-end scientific solutions company developing novel digital endpoints from wearable sensor data. We are focused on healthcare research & delivery, clinical trials, and patient wellness. VivoSense’s hypothesis-driven framework provides analytical and clinical validation leading to FDA approval. The proprietary VivoSense® software enables the creation and validation of novel digital biomarkers from wearable sensor data, which constitute primary and secondary clinical endpoints in regulated international pharmaceutical trials.