Harnessing Objective Measurements of Disease Progression for ALS & Neurological Disorders

Time: 8:30 am
day: Day One


  • Establishing the importance of objective data collection in clinical studies – highlight the range of digital objective measurement techniques available for tracking disease progression in ALS and other neurological disorders
  • Clinical application and utility: discuss how these objective measurements can be integrated into clinical practice to enhance disease monitoring and management. Explore how these measurements offer quantifiable metrics complementing traditional clinical assessments, providing a more comprehensive understanding of disease progression. Additionally, it emphasizes the potential for early detection of changes and the ability to personalize treatment strategies based on objective data
  • Delving into the GoDigital study design: HANDs app
  • Challenges and future directions : acknowledge the limitations and challenges associated with digital measurements. This may include issues related to standardization, accessibility of technology, and the need for longitudinal studies to validate these measurements