Delivering on the Promise of Precision Medicine with Digital Measures in Neurology

Harnessing More Quantitative, Objective & Less Invasive Measures to Reduce Costs & Improve Neurology Patient Experience

2023 welcomed SV95C as the first ever digital endpoint qualified by a regulatory agency, which means that the floodgates have now opened to the potential of digital biomarkers to transform clinical development in neurology.

From the latest validated research on implementing speech, cognition, and motor tracking measures into clinical development, to navigating the regulatory and commercial landscape, the 3rd Digital Biomarkers & Clinical Measures in Neurology Summit is the ultimate platform to take your digital strategy to the next level.

This August, join 80+ senior industry leaders across digital health, medical affairs, clinical development, and regulatory this year from Biogen, DEEP Measures, Janssen, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Eisai, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Takeda, MTP, BMS, Alto Neurosciences, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Cerevel Therapeutics, Regeneron and many more…


Expert Speakers Sharing Exclusive Insights and Real-Life Case Studies


Key Industry Stakeholders Joining Across the Full 3 Days


Jam-Packed Days of Unmissable Content and Industry Networking

2024's World-Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

Companies on the Agenda:

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Hear from the Previous Attendees:

"Digital measures have tremendous potential to bring new insights to disease, both in understanding the diseases as well as more fully evaluating the efficacy of treatments in a quantitative unbiased manner.  This meeting brings together the experts in the field to share knowledge and insights, both the wins and the challenges, to help bring the potential to reality.”

Carrie Northcott, Head of Digital Science, Pfizer

"This event brings together thought leaders in the relatively young fields of digital biomarkers and clinical measures at a critical moment in time: technologies have advanced, thinking has matured, and we are accelerating towards impact.”

Vice President, Neuroscience Data Science & Digital Health, Johnson & Johnson

"Networking, a sense of community, ability to be heard and hear from a variety of people.”

Medical Science Director, Genentech

"The topics covered as well as the speakers were very interesting and diverse.”

Senior Digital Health Manager, Ipsen

"This was a great event! Well organized and attendance was great as well.”

Associate Director, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

"The networking break and conduct of these sessions were invaluable to "break the ice" and make it informal and collaborative.”

Associate Director, Sanofi

"The Speakers were knowledgeable and offered very practical and useful insights into what shape a digital biomarker strategy should take. Most speakers were a good mix of specific examples in neurology but then offered insights to how to apply these to others.”

Medical Science Liaison, Teva Pharmaceutical

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